Institutional Relations

CUTDES is supported by the research excellence in tourism of the ULPGC (first institution in tourism and hospitality research in the European Union in 2021 -Shanghai ranking-) and its TIDES institute. The ULPGC is an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization – Specialized Organization of the United Nations. The ULPGC is a member of the UNWTO international network of sustainable tourism observatories –INSTO– through the Canary Islands Tourist Observatory. CUTDES endorses the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.


Global Code of Ethics for Tourism


CUTDES actively participates in the UNWTO Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility group, through initiatives such as the project led by the World Center of Excellence for Destinations (CED) – World Registry of initiatives in tourism and culture.


We promote a specific agreement for research, training, and education on Biosphere Reserves. We also offer different pilot projects on biodiversity conservation using natural resources to improve the social and economic well-being of the population in the Canary Islands.


We establish a specific agreement with the CUTDES for research, training and education on Sustainable Tourism and World Heritage. In addition, we collaborated in the relaunch and second phase of the WH + ST.


We are working on a Sustainable Tourism Network, which involves cultural and natural heritage, integrating the other UNESCO Chairs in Tourism and we hold meetings on Sustainable Tourism in the Canary Islands.