Takatona III – Improvement of housing and equipment provision in rural settlements in the Souss Massa Draa Region.

This project won awards at the 13th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial and the Dubai International Award, and was recognised as a Best Practice on the website of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.
It will allow us to take the definitive step to dynamise and activate a potential market niche in the Souss Massa Drâa Region. The project proposes two types of sustainable rural buildings that will become “interpretation and training centres” in Tagmoute and Bizoursane, interesting to activate the green tourism offer, promoting the training of their inhabitants so that they themselves carry out part of the works and can serve as a disseminator of knowledge to other populations in the region. The project incorporates the drafting of a Practical Manual that explains step by step the execution of the TAKATONA prototype, in an exhaustive description row by row.

The execution of both prototypes proposes a typology of earthen architecture, replicating the traditional dwelling with an open courtyard facing south, and arranging the rooms around it in a northerly orientation. The prototype is erected through an ingenious system of regular pieces of adobe and reeds to configure the main volume. A second skin of wattle and daub wraps the Takatona prototype with a variable pattern of perforations according to the different orientations of its façades in order to improve the energy efficiency of the prototype. The courtyard is enclosed in a wooden lattice on which the solar and photovoltaic panel systems that are incorporated into the bioclimatic features of the TAKATONA prototype are supported.

Project start

Financed by
Cross-Border Cooperation Program Spain-Foreign Borders (POCTEFEX).

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