CONCIENTUR Tourism with science

The project carries out a complete communication campaign, which has the support of more than 40 key institutions and companies, and which seeks to bring tourism research and innovation closer to society. Increasing their scientific culture in tourism and making them aware of the importance of tourism research, its positive effects, and the welfare-generating role of tourism when it is developed with the application of scientific-based criteria, combating the so-called «tourism-phobia». The project also seeks to attract and capture talent (schoolchildren), awakening the scientific vocation towards research in tourism, making tourism companies aware of the importance of supporting tourism research, as an engine for improving their activity. Spain is a leading country in tourism research, and yet society has limited scientific knowledge in this area, which is the country’s main industry. In this way, it will contribute to promoting the image of Spain as a country of science and innovation, counting for this with the support of various media. The central content of the proposal is based on paradoxes as a tool to bring science, innovation, and knowledge generated from everyday life closer. This rhetorical figure will facilitate the simple understanding of research concepts, while generating curiosity and interest on the part of society in general. Among the actions proposed are:

  1. Generation of 20 short videos on tourism science and a virtual reality summary video.
  2. Development of two school competitions.
  3. Launch of an initial campaign of scientific experiments in street tourism.
  4. Final exhibition with the results of the project.

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Financed by
Ministry of Science and Innovation, FCT-21-16747, Spain

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