CLIMAR – Strengthening research, innovation and knowledge transfer on climate change & tourism in higher education institutions in latin America.

The main aim of CLIMAR is to enhance research, innovation, knowledge transfer

and continuous professional development in a cross-sectoral way, contributing to the adaptation of

tourism activities to climate change and to the mitigation of tourism impacts on climate change.

The specific objectives are:

i) support the creation of solid transnational and multidisciplinary research groups specialised in Climate Change&Tourism (CC&T), among universities from Europe and Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Panama) and reinforce their academic capacities to increase regional knowledge on CC&T;

ii) promote research-based collaborative teaching in CC&T, via the development of a transversal study module that can be inserted in different courses at the postgraduate/doctoral level;

iii) enhance university-NGO-industry-public administration knowledge transfer so as to contribute to sustainable development and new employment opportunities, via a short professional development course in Climate Change&Tourism (CC&T); and,

iv) ensure sustainable academic relations among HEIs from Europe and Latin America around multi-disciplinary approaches to tackling climate change.

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Financed by
European Commission – Erasmus +

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